Hybrid Vision Therapy Program

for Convergence Insufficiency (CI)

We have created a Hybrid Vision Therapy program to fit changing needs of today’s families.

This program is a combination of in-office sessions and remote sessions (done via phone or doxy.me) with a vision therapist without the weekly commute while still offering the highest quality of care.

Less travel time, less money, same great results.

The Hybrid program includes:

  • In-office vision therapy sessions once per month with one of our certified vision therapists.  These sessions allow us to plan out the next month, assess progress, and utilize in-office equipment.
  • Remote sessions on the off weeks via HIPPA compliant video chat to assure continued progress.  This allows us to adjust the program when needed even from afar.
  • Access to our online Hybrid Vision Therapy Portal.  The portal will have all the instructions, videos, and materials you will need while away from our office.


This program is only available for Convergence Insufficiency (CI) patients.

It is not suitable for Strabismus (Esotropia pr Exotropia), Amblyopia, most special needs patients, or head trauma/post-concussion patients.  These conditions require more direct interaction with the doctor and therapists as well as equipment that is only found in our offices.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions,

a Hybrid Program for CI might be a good fit for your family.

Schedule too busy

Can’t make it in for therapy once a week because your schedule is too busy?

More flexibility

Do travel and camps for the kids keep you out of town and make it difficult to reschedule appointments?

Less Missed School

Is your child’s school not allowing you to take them out of the classroom once a week for therapy sessions?

Same great results

Still want to great results that you would get with a MVTC weekly in-office program but spending only a 1/4 of the time driving to and from the office?

Schedule an Evaluation

The first step in knowing if you or your child would be able to pursue a Hybrid Program is to come in to our office for an evaluation.  Through an evaluation, our doctor will determine if you are a good fit.