Our Favorite Things

Vision Therapy products and games - click on the image to go directly to the product on amazon

Recommended vision therapy products


Visual Edge Slant Board

Great for appropriate distance and angle for reading and writing.


Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Dry Erase Markers

For use on the Visual Edge Slant Board!

Parquetry Blocks

Excellent visual perceptual activity.

Kids Yoga Ball

Alternative Seating for Active Children in Home or Classroom

Attribute Blocks

Excellent visual perceptual activity

Pencil Grippers

Purchase these in our office, just 3 for $1


TouchThinkLearn: Wiggle

It’s a wonderful, interactive & multi-sensory experience for young kids and introduces many visual-perceptual skills.


Our favorite games and activities help develop basic skills for: visual processing, fine-motor, eye-hand coordination and much more.


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